Cypress Laser is the pioneer of quit smoking low level cold laser therapy in Polk County, Florida. It was established with the principles of conquering nicotine addiction and the preventable diseases it causes.

Through a combination of laser therapy and professional coaching we offer a new way to take back your life, SMOKE FREE !

Low-Level Laser for Stopping Smoking

Cypress Laser Stop Smoking Center is committed to helping smokers take back their health and their lives by living smoke free. Our staff offers compassionate and effective coaching to assist you in quitting smoking, one of the most important health decisions one can make in their lifetime.

Cypress Laser Stop Smoking Center uses a low-level laser also known as a therapeutic or cold laser. It works along the same principle as acupunture, but of course no needles. The points that we work on are on the ears (auricular points), hands, wrists and forearms (meridian points). The treatments are very relaxing and pleasant.

We work on three different areas with the treatment. First, we treat points for the addiction to nicotine to help block your body's need for that drug; second, we treat appetite suppresion points to help control your appetite and avoid excessive weight gain; and third, we treat stress and relaxation points to help avoid the withdrawal symptoms that you would normally experience such as irritability, getting short tempered, ect. We try to take away the negative feelings and make it a smooth transition for you.

  • Used in Canada and Europe for over 20 years
  • Low Level Laser has no known side effects, is drug-free, non-invasive and relaxing
  • Effective coaching techniques to handle mental and/or emotional withdrawal
  • Centrally located in Polk County, Florida
  • Serving Lakeland, Winter Haven, Lake Wales, Haines City, Bartow and surrounding areas.
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