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There are over 4,000 chemicals found in tobacco smoke and over 400 toxins.

There are over 60 carcinogens proven to cause cancer in humans.

    Some of the components that make up tobacco smoke and where they are commonly found:

  • Nicotine - insecticide, addictive drug

  • Tar - paves highways; impedes the cilia in your lungs from performing their cleaning action (sweeping away harmful germs and particles), increasing your chances of developing COPD

  • Carbon monoxide - car exhaust fumes; reduces available oxygen in your body increasing risk of heart attack and stroke

  • Hydrogen cyanide - gas chamber poison

  • Formaldehyde - embalming fluid

  • Naphthalene - mothballs

  • Acetic acid - vinegar

  • Vinyl cloride - plastic pipe

  • Methanol - rocket fuel

  • Arsenic - poison

  • Nitrobenzene - gasoline additive

  • Stearic acid - candle wax

  • Hexamine - barbecue lighter

  • Butane - lighter fluid
The Truth About Tobacco Smoke