What parts of my body will receive laser?

For smoking cessation or weight loss, laser is applied to acupunture points on
different parts of the body.

Will the laser hurt?

Most people describe it as extremely relaxing.

How long does the laser session take?

The laser session itself takes about 30 minutes. Your first visit will include a
personal consultation, so you should allow about an hour for that appointment and
aproximately 30 minutes for follow-up treatments.

Is the laser coverd by insurance?

At this time, LLLT for smoking cessation and weight loss is not reinbursable by
insurance companies.

Are the results guaranteed?

Nicotine addiction consists of two factors, the physical addiction and the mental
addiction. The laser session may relieve the physical withdrawal symptoms, but will
not give you amnesia! If you have smoked a pack a day for thirty years, this
means you will be making a huge change to your daily routine when you quit.
Even if you experience NO physical symptoms, you may still
think about smoking.
Therefore, while we cannot make a guarantee, we will do everything in our power
to ensure your success.

Like the smoking sessions, weight loss depends a great deal on your commitment,
consequently, we cannot guarantee individual results. The laser session should
be an adjunct to your own diet and exercise programs. It may control the cravings,
increase your metabolism, and leave you calm and relaxed. Cypress Laser does
not recommend any particular diet as each person must choose a diet that fits
their Lifestyle of activity and eating habits. However,  we will give you information
that can assist you with your program and will be available for consultation
throughout your laser sessions.

Are there any health conditions for which LLLT is not recommended?

Yes.  Since clinical research trials are presently being done for smoking cessation,
there are some health conditions that will exclude you from receiving LLLT. All
clients are screened and their history reviewed to assure that they qualify. The
conditions that would exclude you from receiving these treatments are:  active
cancer, undergoing treatments with chemotherapy or radiation, photosensitivity to
light, pregnancy, blood cloting disorders, epilepsy, having steroid injections 48
hours prior to recieving laser and certain mental conditions such as schizophenia.

Is there anything I need to do before my laser session?

While there are no preparations needed for laser sessions, it is helpful if before
you arrive that you dink 6-8 glasses of water each day, decrease you
consumption of caffiene of either coffee or sodas, and drink citrus juice daily or
take vitamin C tablets. It may also be helpful to take a good multivitamin every day
to help replace the nutrients that nicotine draws out of your system.

Is LLLT approved by the FDA?

The laser that we use has been ruled a "non-significant risk devise" by the FDA
for treatments of certain musculoskeletal conditions such as carpel tunnel
syndrome, tendonitis, ect. However, smoking cessation and weight loss with the
same low level laser are still under clinical trial.

Is this a medically supervised clinic?

Yes, Cypress Laser Stop Smoking Center is operated under the supervision of a
Medical Director, Arthur T. Magrann, D.O.,P.A.
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